Sell a West Asheville House: What to Fix to Get it Sold #1

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February 17, 2016
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Welcome to our ongoing series of articles on Selling Your Home in West Asheville. The aim of this series is to give you practical and cost effective tips that will actually help your home quicker. Another key purpose of this information is to keep you from ‘investing’ too much money into your home that you won’t get back at closing. These are the same tips that we give our clients so if you need help or get stuck just give us a call, we are here to help!

Quickly Clean Up Exterior and Landscaping

sell-west-asheville-real-estate-1First off take a breath we’re not asking you to give your lawn and exterior a HGTV makeover. We just mean a quick cleaning/tidying of the those area’s. This step is absolutely critical for two reasons. The first is pictures, Asheville MLS now requires Realtor’s to have the first shot be of the exterior of the home in it’s entirety. Even if you aren’t selling a home in West Asheville or a surrounding area the industry standard and the people that you are going to be selling the house to expect to see the outside of your house and your yard if you have one. So if you house looks like it’s decorated for Halloween all year long and you have’t put up any decorations then it might be time to give it a little TLC.

1. Literally just pickup anything that is attached or meant to be part of the landscaping.

You can always put stuff back if you use it frequently(I’m talking about stuff like a grill that you use at least once a week). Otherwise store it or better yet donate so you don’t have to schlep it to your next home. We can cover adding back lawn furniture and other items for staging value, but that’s another article. The main idea of this is that you want to have as little of your stuff as possible visible because the perspective buyer want to imagine their furniture in that space, don’t make them work hard to imagine what it would look like without your jun… er lovely things.


2. Clean up, Clean up everybody everywhere … (Can you tell I have small children)

Next is actually cleaning anything you did leave out. If you have lawn furniture make sure it’s not turning it to a science experiment on how much algae you can grown before it starts becoming sentient. Anything you can’t wipe down or reach to clean would be a good candidate for pressure washing. If you don’t own one it’s OK, even small towns typically have tool rental’s that you can get a good one for cheap. Walk around the whole house, because West Asheville is wonderfully wooded there are often spots of shade that breed algae/moss. I have often been trying to sell a house were this is the case, although most reasonable people can overlook a little dirt or algae an inexperienced buyers could walk away or an excitably Buyer’s Agent might blow this simple fix out of proportion. As a frame of reference this is very much like trying to sell a car that is caked in mud.

3. Trim, Clip, Saw and Remove

sell-west-asheville-real-estate-3Grass Trimmer Cut the grass, keep it cut. If this is too much work pay the neighbor kid to do it, or have professionals keep it groomed. My suggestion for trimming is when in doubt cut it out or get rid of it. If it’s a amazing hardwood or some other fixture of your landscaping this doesn’t apply but if it’s a perennial that’s dormant and won’t come back for the better part of the year get rid of it. In fact a empty flower bed that is freshly mulched will be so much more attractive than a neglected floor bed of plants that ‘might’ bloom out in a couple of months but now just look like scrubby weeds. If you have to add some color just grab 1 0r 2 potted plants and set them in the beds. This means less work for you because you don’t have to plant anything, plus you can take them with you and instantly spruce up your new home. In addition the normal person moving into West Asheville wants a blank canvas to plant what suites their taste. It’s a win-win-win.

4. Adjust, replace and restore.

sell-west-asheville-real-estate-4Copper Gutter Look around for issues small problems that might you didn’t worry about because they weren’t important. Is there a gate going in to your yard? Does it work properly? “Oh yeah it does, you just have to reach over the top and lift up on it and then it unlatches easily.” Sound familiar? Yup those kind of things, things that you just learn to live with, can turn to “big” deals when buyer’s agents get a hold of them on a Home Inspection or even when they are showing your home to picky buyers. Make sure your gutters are attached and not drooping and that they have downspouts. These types of things can be replaced for the price of going out for lunch. Make sure the doors all open and the garage door operates. Just because West Asheville has character in its homes doesn’t mean buyers are OK with stuff not working. Even if you spend a couple hundred $’s getting everything working again it could be the difference between getting a sale or not. And I can promise you it could save you thousands when it comes to negotiations when the buyer’s agent is holding the these “major issues” over you.

Stand Back and Survey Your Awesomeness…

See that wasn’t that bad now you are ready for pictures and you won’t be embarrassed by your yard when buyers come looking. Stay tuned for more easy and cost effective tweaks and fixes that will help get your home sold!

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