Lifehacking: Traveling Hacks for Asheville and Beyond

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Travel Hacks Asheville NC

Welcome to our lifehacking series. Whats lifehacking? Here are a few articles that explain in detail what the term means, yet the basics just mean a more efficient or shorter route to accomplish everyday tasks easier.

Carryology is one of the blogs that has earned a place in our RSS reader and they just came out with a great article with different travel tips that have been gleaned from crowd-sourcing. Whether you are planing trip to Asheville to find out why people love to live here or you are getting out of here for a quick vacation these are some tips that should help the trip go smoother. Here’s some of our favorites from the article as well some of our tips that we’ve come up with ourselves.

Check one, two

As you pack make a list of everything you packed. Then on your way back to Asheville or the trip home when you are stuck somewhere or have down time, like take off and landing, pull out that list you made and check off the items that you actually used. The used items becomes the basis for ‘just the essentials’ packing list. Not only will this save your back and help you move quicker in your travels but it can also save you money because you might be able to pair down to a single carry-on.

Ziploc not just for liquids

This is both a packing tip and a hack of the humble ziploc. If you have explored any packing tips lately you will find in short order suggestions to use packing ‘cubes’ to maximize space and keep your bag orderly through out the trip. A full set of the little nylon mini bags can cost upwards of a $100 from specialty travel stores. To save on money and accomplish very similar results use gallon ziploc bags to store similar items together. This is especially handy for smaller items that easily get lost in the mix like socks and underwear. For a parents an amazing tip is to pack entire outfit in one bag. This is great because of all the little items that inevitably go missing when you need them. You can easily label these according to which child they belong to and can see at a glance how many clean outfits are left.

Charge all the gadgets

Often times open electrical outlets are a premium in hotel rooms or even when your staying with friends. A quick solution can be to use a lamp light-bulb socket with a socket plug that converts it to a normal outlet.

Is that a cell phone in your pocket?

Security at the airport is an unfortunate inconvenience we all have to deal with. Asheville Airport is very simple to get in and out of but this tip will help it be even smoother. On your way to the line start emptying all of your pocket items into either your coat or an pocket on your carry on item. This will consolidate the number of items you have to track through the conveyor belt plus make your ready to walk though the dreaded X-Ray without setting it off. These were just a few of our favorites tips for traveling weather your coming to Asheville for fun or forever. Read the rest of the article here.

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