All-One Oil for around the house is… Coconut Oil?! Pt. 1

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Asheville is a haven for people that are looking for healthy living and a break from the increasingly manic, artificial and homogenized way of life that modern America has become. Many people in Asheville are looking for healthier alternatives to pretty much everything. From body products, to house hold cleaning products, to the type of fuel they put in their cars. Enter the seemingly odd choice of Coconut Oil. It recent past it has gained popularity as All-One oil for body/beauty uses. I suffer from a mild case of eczema on my hand, coconut oil has been the only consistent source of both relief and improvement with my hand even when compared with prescription creams. I also now use it to craft my own beard oils that both keep my beard looking good, promote growth and help prevent in-grown hairs. Sure that all sounds good but using to in household repair and cleaning just seems like it couldn’t work. That’s what I thought too at first, however because of the great results I’ve had it was worth giving it a shot. Plus I felt like this was a perfect recommendation for my clients moving to Asheville or cleaning up their house to get it sold. Apartment Therapy wrote a great article on many the many use of this multi-talented fruit? nut? (Technically its a drupe, which apparently means both) This is going to be a two part article, first we’ll share our favorites uses. In the second half we will do some consumer testing and let you know our actual results of the job it did. Yeah we are the coolest Real Estate agents you know… we’re dang humble too, just ask us.


KITCHEN Seasoning cast iron pan. This one isn’t much of a stretch I realize, however its still a awesome use. In case you didn’t know Cast iron can perform just like the best non-stick wonder pan if it’s seasoned properly. If your moving to Asheville or already are here, a good cast iron pan is a necessity for making good southern comfort food like biscuits and gravy. If you need more specifics on how the seasoning process works just lifehacker has a nice guide. Obviously when in calls for vegetable oil or shortening, you can coat your pan in the wunder oil we’ve been discussing. Condition cutting boards or wooden utensils. Clean it then use a cloth to work in coconut oil. Leave it to absorb for 10-12 minutes, and then wipe and excess and buff. BEDROOM & CLOSET Love your leather. A dab of coconut oil can both clean and renew worn areas of leather. As a pretty much full-time boot wearer I have a few pairs that are screaming for some coconut love. BATHROOM Polish your faucets. Coconut oil can act as a good metal polisher. The key is to let it sit for a minute, and then buff till you can see yourself in it… or till its shiny. No more shower scum. This doesn’t seem like a good idea, because putting oil on scum seems a bit counterintuitive.

We’ve had good success with our very small test, more testing to come. LIVING ROOM Fix squeaky hinges. With everybody and their brother in Asheville having some allergy or ‘sensitivity’ to chemicals spraying everything with WD-40 might not be the best. I have a toddler that touches every thing and almost imitatively puts in her hand in her mouth so I was looking for a more natural solution. Now I keep expecting to find her licking the hinges. YARD & GARAGE Remove rust. Apply a layer of coconut oil over the area of rust, let it rest on the metal for least two hours. Clean off the oil and wipe clean with a soft cloth. Established rust my take longer to remove, just leave the oil on overnight and then proceed. Make your lawn mower and bikes run more smoothly. Apply a thin layer of oil to your lawn mower blades so grass clumps won’t stick. Your bike chain can run smoother with a very small amount of the oils as well. Be careful not to use too much when using coconut oil as a mechanical lubricant because it solidifies at temperatures below 76ºF and could actually cause friction. That’s our picks for coconut oil’s many an varied uses. If you’d like more tips checkout the original article. If liked this Article and you want to work with amazing real estate team that wrote it give us a call or a text at 828.333.4873. We can grab a coffee or beer and chat!

Josh Meduri
Josh Meduri
As a teen I started building houses with my father who was general contractor. I eventually ran his framing crew and started my own hardwood flooring business for a time. I had my first daughter Arella about this time and she was the start of the three best things in my life. My career then took me into commercial construction management. While I enjoyed traveling for work, once my second daughter, Aurora was born, staying closer to home became a priority. Turning my love of photography into a viable business, specializing in weddings allowed me to enjoy my growing family. I sold that business in 2010 and after retooling educationally, I became the knowledgeable and accessible Realtor who's ready to help you achieve dreams. I intend to help you by making the process, Easy, Educational, Regret-Free and, yes, even Fun!

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