Love to read in bed? 10 Cool Nightstands to make your books look good!

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So you have that amazing new bungalow in West Asheville or the chic contemporary loft in the River Arts District and you want to jazz up your bedroom. We all need a nightstand to hold all the miscellaneous overflow that we keep by our bed. Here are 10 ideas that will keep your bedroom functional and pleasing to the eye.

Our Favorites


1. Trunk Nightstand

This is a great idea and functional becasue you can store not often used items in the trunk. If closet space is short you can store extra sheets and bedspreads in the trunk. This is great because Bungolows in Asheville aren’t known for there abundant closet space.


2. Componibili

I must confess my ignorance, before reading this article I had no idea what a componibili was. After finding out I want one. The abilty to keep most items out of sight I really like.


3. A Stack of Books

Stack of Books Nightstand Really? I thought the same thing but when I saw the pictures I actually like the look. In addtion we have have hardbound books we don’t crack or just have because they are classic or sentinmental. These can be displayed and the few books you are currently reading will fit in perfectly with the stack.

Want more? On to the Ideas… (Via Apartment Therapy)

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